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==Screenshots und Videos==
==Screenshots und Videos==
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Name Biker Mice from Mars
Hersteller Full Fat(NDS)
Publisher The Game Factory
Plattform NDS,PS2
Erstveröfentlichung February 9, 2007(NDS)
Genre Rennspiel
Metacritic 27(PS2)

Es existiert noch ein älteres Videospiel mit diesem Namen das 1994 für den Super Nintendo erschien.


  • Not only should you never buy, rent, or play this game, you should not even look at it on store shelves. Also, don't even give it to people you hate. (IGN)
  • Even with expectations duly lowered to allow for the usual make-do approach taken to most licensed kids games, the sheer hideousness of this title still crept up and sucker-punched me right in the soul. There's not a single element of this game that is fun, even in the most tangential use of the term.(Eurogamer)

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