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Name Turmoil
Hersteller Gamious
Publisher Gamious
Plattform PC,Steam
Erstveröfentlichung 02.06.2016
Genre Strategie
Coop Nein
Metacritic tbd


"Turmoil is a simulation game set during the 19th century oil rush in North America. Get a taste of the rush and rivalry of the time as you earn your way to become a successful oil entrepreneur. As you make money digging up and selling oil, the town will grow along with you. Acquire more town shares than your competitors in a bid to become the new mayor." (Herstellerbeschreibung)


Even with the upgrades and competition, Turmoil is the epitome of simplicity. It is more about betting against oneself when drilling, playing an extremely 
simple market, and exploiting upgrades for the most gain. There is some tough competition to out-earn and that’s fun. Still, it’s more of an amusing diversion 
to relax with. It’s not tense nor particularly challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. I haven’t yet felt like declaring I’m finished with Turmoil.
Hardcoregamer.com 4/5]

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