Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles

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Name Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles
Hersteller Yuan Works
Publisher redspotgames, Yuan Works
Plattform PC, Dreamcast
Erstveröfentlichung August 2007
Genre Puzzle
Coop Nein


"Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles is a Puzzle Game developed by Costa Rica-based Yuan Works, a country located in Central America, where game development is almost unheard of. Yuan Works consists of brothers Yuan-Hsi and Yuan-Hao Chiang, who grew up with classic games since childhood. Yuan-Hsi is in charge of the art, music, and game design; and Yuan-Hao is in charge of programming, scripting, and game design. The two practically developed the entire game. And so, in August, 2007, Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles was released for the Korean handheld console GP2X: W&W was a winner of the Official GP2X Game and Software Contest and a demo of the game was included in every new console! A couple of months after release, Wind and Water was nominated as a Finalist for the Independent Games Festival 2008. On November 1st, 2008, an improved version of the game was released for the Dreamcast worldwide in both English and Japanese; just in time for the 10th Anniversary of SEGA's last console!"


  • Dritter Platz beim ersten GP2X Contest
  • Nominiert für das Finale des Independent Games Festival Mobile 2008

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